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Live & Fresh Seafood

Bandar Djakarta Restaurant has the best seafood variants and quality ranging from live to fresh seafood, which is processed with the best spices and cooked by high-experienced chefs, giving perfection in the taste of typical Indonesian sea dish.


Serving fresh and live fishes, that some of which are obtained from abroad. Enjoy the best variety of fish with selected sauces such as Teluk Sauce, Hongkong-style Steam, Sambal Matah, etc.

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Fresh and savory squid to complement your meal. Taste them with Butter Sauce, Singaporean Sauce, Deep-fried with Flour, etc.

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A fresh and delicious crab dish can complement your day. Enjoy it with Butter Garlic Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Padang Sauce, Bandar-style Grill Sauce, and so on.

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Enjoy fresh and savory shrimp variants with the finest ingredients from Bandar Djakarta such as Salted Egg Sauce, Spicy Honey Grill Sauce, BBQ with Cheese, and so on.

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Various fresh shellfish make it a tasty and nutritious meal to enjoy.

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Good quality and full of enjoyment, for seafood lovers with high taste. Enjoy it processed with BBQ with Cheese Sauce, Sashimi-style, Spicy Honey Grill Sauce, and so on.

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There are also variants of vegetables to accompany your seafood dishes. Choices of vegetables offered are certainly in the best quality and taste.

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Other Favorite

We also offer other favorite food like Seafood Fried Rice, Fired Noodle Seafood, Beef Black Pepper, Fried Chicken, and more.

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Dessert & Appetizer

Variety of dessert & appetizer to add your deliciousness.

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